Archaeological Museum of Sitia

The Archaeological Museum of Sitia is one of the most notable museums in Crete, with exhibits from the region of Lassithi and Sitia Province.

The museum  is divided into 4 categories, thirty display cases with exhibits from 3,500 BC until 500 AD., consisting of:

  • exhibits from the Minoan period,
  • exhibits from Zakros,
  • exhibits from the Geometric and the Archaic period 
  • exhibits from the Greco period.

The most significant exhibit of the museum is the gold and ivory statue of "Kouros" from the Minoan settlement in Palekastro Village, belonging to the Minoan period and clay plaques in Linear A script as well as the collections of vases kept in a tank with salt water that belong to a shipwreck of the Roman period.

Sitia Museum - Opening Hours
Sitia’s Archaeological Museum is open daily 8:30am to 15:00pm, except Mondays.


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