Zakros - Kato Zakros - Gorge of the Dead

Unparalleled beauty is found in the south-east end of Crete. Zakros was believed to be one of the four main administrative centres of the Minoans. The protected harbor and strategic location made it an important commercial centre for trade to the east.

The palace of Zakros was built in 1900 BC, rebuilt in 1600 BC and destroyed around 1450 BC along with the other main centres of the Minoan civilization. Today the ruins of the palace are restored and still standing, making Zakros a popular tourist destination. Zakros and its seaport Kato Zakros are located approximately 40 minutes away from Sitia. The journey to Kato Zakros is remarkable. There you will come across three lovely quiet pebble beaches, a decent variety of welcoming taverns and cafés, a world renowned archeological site and a historical gorge.

A path runs through the gorge and leads to Kato Zakros with its breathtaking   landscape, caves and history. These passage caves were used by the ancient Minoans to bury their dead. The person who was chosen to be the bearer of the dead risked their life on the vertical walls of the gorge transporting the deceased to their last residence, a cave.

This Gorge consists of the final part of the European path E4, which starts from Portugal and crosses the southern Mediterranean to reach Kato Zakros. After the hike you can take a dip in the beautiful beaches of Zakros. The duration of the hike can last up to 2 hours (4 kilometers) from the nearest entrance.

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