The Richtis Gorge

The gorge of Richtis is known for its natural beauty and is part of the Cretan cultural inheritance. It begins just outside the village οf Exo Mouliana and ends at the Richtis beach, east of the village of Kalabros. The total length of the route is approximately 3 kilometers and the elevation difference between the starting point and the beach is about 350 meters. The gorge, even in the summer, has plenty of water, which is used by locals. Hiking in the gorge takes three to four hours. The route starts from the stone-arched bridge of Lachanas (19th century) which has a tragic story to tell. During the exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey, it is said that in this area, Christians killed the Turks of the region, who were trying to reach Sitia and get on the boat to Turkey. The route continues with lush landscape by the river, An amazing landscape of East Crete with the mountain overshadowing directly above. Platans, oleanders and sage are plentiful, and the smells of fresh herbs alternate constantly. Walking along the gorge you can see a footprint from the past and the ruins of two watermills where six used to stand in the middle of the route. The locals used the rushing water from the river as a driving force for the watermills to mill the wheat. An old oil press and a warehouse made of stone in which the locals gathered their agricultural products stand tall to this day. It should be noted that the architecture is from the Roman and Byzantine period. The highlight is, of course, the beautiful 20 meter waterfall and the beautiful pond it forms. The waterfall has water even in the scorching summer months! The path ends in the beautiful pebbly beach of Richtis. The beach is packed with tamarisk trees, with stone seats and tables around. Also, there is a stone water fountain with water all year round.

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